World Chefs Without Borders Raises More than USD$23,470 for Philippines

Nov 15,2013

November 18, 2013 - World Chefs Without Borders , the humanitarian arm of WORLDCHEFS, has quickly raised more than USD$23,470 within a week in response to the effects of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippine. The typhoon is said to have claimed thousands of lives. The latest official government death toll stands at 2,344, with 3,804 injured and a further 79 missing. President Benigno Aquino has declared a "state of national calamity", allowing the government to impose price controls.

After hearing about the disaster, the World Chefs Without Borders committee rallied up chefs from the global network of WORLDCHEFS. In less than a week, chef associations around the world have pledged monetary support for disaster relief efforts in Philippines. Le Toque Blanche Philippines, led by Chef Jay Gamboa, will work with Red Cross to ensure the funds are appropriately channelled.

At the Food & Hotel China in Shanghai, judges at the culinary competition collectively made donations collectively and raised USD$1,000. They also quickly put together a charity gala lunch on 14 November at the event, where chefs prepared dishes and raised USD$5,440 in one night, where half of the proceeds will go to Typhoon Haiyan and the other half to the Shanghai Orphanage.

Says Chairman of World Chefs Without Borders, Willment Leong, “Chefs can make an impact. The quick response from around the world just via email communications is a proof in point.”

Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WORLDCHEFS shares, “We are one united body, and there is truly no borders in the chef profession.”

For donations to the World Chefs Without Borders Philippine Fund, kindly contact Chairman of World Chef Without Borders, Willment Leong at Link for transferring donations : 


WORLDCHEFS is a global network of chefs associations first founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. At that first congress there were 65 delegates from 17 countries, representing 36 national and international associations, and the venerable August Escoffier was named the first Honorary President of WACS. Today, this global body has 96 official chefs associations as members. The biennial congress is a hallmark tradition of WACS and has been organized in over 20 cities across the world throughout its illustrious 82-year history, WACS is managed by an elected presidential body consisting of the WACS president, vice president, treasurer, secretary general and ambassador honorary president, as well as a board of continental directors that look after the regions of Asia, Europe, Africa, the Pacific and the Americas. A separate committee manages all culinary competition-related affairs.

About World Chefs Without Borders

World Chefs Without Borders was established to leverage on the global network of chefs for humanitarian work.

Started in 2009, chefs have been active in all parts of the world, from South Africa to Asia. Today, it is led by Chairman Chef Willment Leong from Thailand, who played a pivotal role in leading the Thai Chefs Association to help his country deal with the aftermath of the Tsunami through relief programmes in Bangkok.

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