Pancake competition for kids - Slovakian WCWB

Mar 10,2015

Children as a „Chefs“ World Chefs without Borders (WCWB) and Aregala Slovakia organized the „The Stupava pancake “ competition at the end of February 2015 at the Elementary school in Stupava, Slovakia.
The main idea was to bring children together with their parents in the kitchen and also show the beauties of our work. Children and their parents could became a real Chefs for a while and I can definitely say, that they really enjoyed this. Wearing Chefs hats and aprons they looked really cute. I think, that the motto „as dirty as possible“ describes this event best. :)
Children showed us their creativity and brought a lot of traditional recepies from their grandmothers.
Tradition in gastronomy is a piece of national culture – a treasure of the nation and we need to share it with the others. The Chefs introduced WCWB organization´s activities and mission and they also spoke about other ways of helping people in need. We are working on a workshop for children and we would like to speak about school meals, healthy food, food waste, famine hunger in the world and all this with the cooperation of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovak Republic. We would like to thank people who are going to support us in the future: Mrs. Bohdana Cibuľová as a Principal of Elementary shool in Stupava, Mr. Roman Maroš as a Mayor of Stupava and Mrs. Silvia Tokárová as a deputy of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovak Republic. Our thoughts and dreams came true and we truly appreciate their help. We would like to thank to all who support us, and we promise, that our passion for help is still going further and further, because it is our pleasure. Kids are our future and that is why the competition was created especially for them.
Big thanks to all participants.

Thank you for the article and action to:

Miloš Lachkovič
President of Aregala Hellas in Slovakia Executive Chef
Ambassador of World Chefs without Borders in Slovakia

Paulína Lachkovičová

Ambassador for Women in World Chefs in Slovakia

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