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Jan 09,2014

The year of 2013 was stunning for WORLDCHEFS Young Chef Clubs, its members and leaders around the world. The time has come to welcome 2014 that will bring even bigger challenges but as well aspiration to have more Your Chefs Clubs and engage other young professionals to step up and pave the road towards a better and more prosperous future.

In the light of the next ventures, Young Chefs are eagerly preparing for the upcoming WORLDCHEFS Congress in Stavanger (Norway), which will be held from 2-5 July. Furthermore, Young Chefs are inviting their colleagues to join them at this important event and take part in a range of inspiring activities - educational workshops, seminars, sightseeing and entertaining happenings. Moreover, having a chance to closely observe fellow colleagues taking part in the Global Chef Challenge Finals will be an experience worth of witnessing!


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*****2013 YCC HIGHLIGHTS****




There was a birth of five YCC in the Nordic region: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, formed during the Nordic Congress held last year. Rasmus Munk, Young Chef Ambassador for Northern Europe helped liaising between the Nordic countries and WORLDCHEFS. Jan Horak, took charge of the YCC in Central Europe and became the Vice-President of his YCC in Prague. Down south, Mojmir Siftar, engaged South European young professionals. The newly formed Cyprus YCC made an addition to the list of YCC in South Europe with the existing Slovenia YCC. Over in Asia, South Korea, Myanmar and the Philippines established their YCC. As a result, there are currently more than 20 YCC around the world in already large culinary family and a membership of thousands of young chefs.




The Presidents of the YCC in Asia met up in Kuala Lumpur in September during the WORLDCHEFS Asia Presidents Forum. It was an exciting opportunity for the young chefs from different nationalities to get to know one another and strengthen its network. The YCC of Philippines and South Korea were also formally introduced at the meeting.




In November 2013 International Young Chefs Challenge (IYCC) was held in Seoul. 19 teams of Young Chefs from around the world converged in South Korea to compete in this inaugural Young Chefs competition. It was really international as all continents were represented. Costa Rica, Sweden, Cyprus, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, USA to name a few. The competition was organized by Korea Cook Associations, which sponsored the airfares, accommodation, transport, and excess luggage of the competing teams.




The Young Chefs of China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea did a charity dinner at the Food and Hotel China to raise funds for the relief efforts in the Philippines disaster and for an orphanage in China. In Malaysia, the Young Chefs of Penang, together with their seniors, did a fund raising for Philippines by cooking a dinner with their menu for the IYCC. The Singapore Junior Chefs Club also did a fund raising through baking and selling chocolate cookies. The funds were channeled through World Chefs Without Borders to the Philippines chefs association: LTB Philippines, which is working with a local welfare organization, Gawad Kalinga Cebu to deliver the necessary aid and reconstruction for the victims of the Haiyan typhoon disaster.



WORLDCHEFS would like to thank Jasper Jek, WORLDCHEFS Young Chef Ambassador (Asia), for providing this article.

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