Worldchefs Without Borders visits Slovakia

Oct 21,2015

On the 14th and 15th of October in Slovakia took place a juniors and seniors competition. 
Organizers: WCWB, Aregala Slovakia, SZKC, WCWB Ambassador Slovakia Miloš Lachkovič with the help of Daniel Ayton - Ambassador WCWB England 
Issues close to their heart on the importance and preservation of traditions in the world gastronomy and making traditions and traditional gastronomy unforgettable for all chefs. It's national treasure, which we have to protect and pass for young generations. 
Young chefs presented their art in front of a crowd of people who rewarded their work with applause. Donation by sponsors will be used by students of Hotel Academy, schools  and preschools for creating meals in the near future. Presents for children were given by chefs.


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