Myanmar Flood Victims Need Urgent Support

Aug 10,2015

A global donation drive to support the World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) Myanmar Flood Aid Mission to bring clean water, rice, salt, clothing, blankets, noodle and medicine has begun to aid families in the disaster hit areas.

Myanmar Chefs Association’s Young Chefs and Myanmar WCWB have raised Euro 8,600.00 through their local efforts from restaurants, local business and individuals. Time is crucial to transport all materials, food and water to thousands of flood affected Myanmese who live in villages in the areas of Myanmar Delta, Youar Htit Sue, Thetke Kyun, Au Yoa, Hintada Township and Kyaun Tay.

The Myanmar Chefs Association (MCA) and WCWB’s Flood Aid Mission have already raised Euro 4601.00 to provide 2 weeks of rice rations for 821 residents. Further plans are being initiated to aid the 1,823 residents where flood water is still rising fast. Hopefully donations will come in time to assist those in need and despair.

A second mission to provide clothes, blankets, water cleaning tablets, baby and child nutrition for Youar Htit Suem, Thetke Kyun and villages most affected by the floods has also been launched. Upon checking reports with the region’s flood relief management leader, no aid has arrived in these areas and families are desperately waiting for water and food from relief agencies; pinning hope from the MCA and WCWB.

MCA and WCWB urgently request your support towards these missions as part of a Relief Aid Plan that will provide 90 bag rice (1/2 bag a family for 2 weeks), 180 kg salt, 2,500 litre water and clothing. The target date is August 19, 2015. This Plan will aid 165 households and 801 residents in the worst flood hit areas.

MCA and WCWB’s team of 16 chefs and 6 volunteers have just returned from Hintata Township after sending flood relief needs. A second trip is already underway to the Hintada Town where relief needs are being loaded on to a river boat to take the items to Kyaun Tay Village an hour away. Products of great need include 2,340 litre water, 160 bags of rice, 320 kg salt, 2,500 pieces of clothing, 1,200 port balachaung, fish paste, dried noodles, cookies and cough medicine.

Again, time is of the essence to save the people afflicted by the flooding in Myanmar.

Please join MCA and WCWB in their Flood Aid Mission and Relief Aid Plan. You can HELP SAVE A LIFE WITH ONLY EURO 0.8 A DAY.

We also urge you and/or your WORLDCHEFS member organization/association/federation to raise support through fundraising events, dinners, group or individual donations and forward immediately to World Chefs Without Borders at:

Donate now /


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