Chefs Opened their Hearts Again to Children Health Issues - Food Festival in Bratislava with Worldchefs WCWB Ambassador

Jun 12,2018

The Wold Chefs Without Borders Ambassador in Slovak Republic presented again the mission and activities of Worldchefs – WCWB at the charity event that took place within the Food Festival in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic, in the premises of Bratislava castle in the days 25th to 27th May 2018. The Bratislava castle commemorated the 301st anniversary of the coronation of Maria Therese for Hungarian and Czech Queen and Archduchess of Austria.

These three days at Bratislava castle belonged to the chefs and gourmands again. For the eighths time, there has been a favourite gastronomy event „Slovak Food Festival 2018“. The Castle became a meeting point of both gastronomists ad gourmands. However, it was mainly a meeting point for people with good heart, willing to help those, the destiny was less favourable to.

Vojto Artz, the WCWB Ambassador in Slovakia, is already for eight years the professional guarantee.  He´s both author and organizer of the „Vojto Artz´s COOKING SHOW“, that regularly makes part of this festival.

Within his Cooking Show he conceived literally as a charity also this year, he welcomed on the main stage in the festival centre several personalities not only of the world of cooking, but also from the Slovak show-business. The meals and desserts prepared on the stage were immediately auctioned and this way were changed to the good thing supporting thing – improvement of the life conditions of the children with health issues by means of two foundations: Foundation of Paediatric Cardiac Centre Foundation Bratislava and Markíza Foundation. During all three days Vojto invited to the stage several interesting guests who presented both traditional and untraditional chef show. The good thing was supported also by the members of the Slovak National Junior Team of chefs and conditioners who are preparing for the international competition World Culinary CUP 2018 in Luxembourg, renowned Michal Konrád, Maroš Mrenica, Daniel Hrivnák, Tomáš Pikáli, Daniel Širota and Vlado Lokšík. The well known chefs from Czech Republic, Róbert Sklená?, member of the Prague branch of the Association of chefs and conditioners of Czech Republic and the chef Oskar Klanert demonstrated their craftmanship too.

The children´s workshop „Vojto and Tinka cook with children“, was not missing either, during which the little chefs were perfectly supported by the audience.

All these participants contributed to the fact that a nice sum was collected in the amount of 700,00 Eur. Within three days, the yield will go to the accounts of Paediatric Cardiac Centre Foundation Bratislava and Markíza Foundation.  We are happy that together we´ll succeed to make the life easier for the children with harder destiny.






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