Paving the way for future progress

Oct 22,2014

As a recently elected Continental Director for Europe South, Domenico Maggi was pleased to visit Serbia and as a Head Judge take part in the culinary competition "Balkan Culinary Cup", regulated by Worldchefs rules and held in Belgrade on 17-19 October 2014.

The overall event named “Belgrade Gastro Fest”, which was organised by a Worldchefs member - Serbian Culinary Federation in partnership with Diplomatic Association of Serbia, encompassed various happenings such as: Balkan Culinary Cup; Balkan Chilli Festival; educational culinary workshops, and an international tradeshow - focused mainly on food industry and Serbian national products.

Not only was the Balkan Culinary Cup organized for the 3rd time, and gathered some of renowned national and international Professional and Pastry Chefs, it as well ended with an important announcement: Serbian Culinary Federation proclaimed a formation of its National Culinary Team, which will be presenting the country on next international culinary competitions. Guided by the Team Captain Chef Jovica Jovicic, Chefs and the winners of the Balkan Cup 2014: Nebojsa Veselinovic, Aleksandar Djordjevic among others are only a few to form the Serbian National team. While Junior Chefs Slobodan Peic, Milan Lilic, Stefan Todorovic and others were elected as team members for the Young Chefs category.

As the Woorldchefs Continental Director for Serbia and Europe South in general, Domenico Maggi was very pleased to have an opportunity to meet both - Serbian Chefs and other renowned professionals from the region, and start his regional tour as the newly elected CD right there during such an importnat manifestation. Not only Chef Domenico and Serbian Chefs Federation's highest representatives had time to discuss different regional and national issues, they as well shared valuable experiences and used this occasion to set up goals for the future.

 “Meeting Serbian Chefs, exchanging thoughts, discussing issues, jointly seeking for solutions, have not only made me feel very happy, it as well encouraged me to think we should expect many improvements and a strengthen region in the foreseeable future. Of course, hospitality, open-mindedness, eagerness to listen to my advice on several matters, was another positive feedback I brought back from this competition”, said Domenico Maggi.

Nevertheless, an event that preceded the one in Belgrade was the official hand out of flood relief charity funds collected by the members of Worldchefs Without Borders (WCWB), and given to Serbian Chefs by one of WCWB member Chef Jozef Oseli.

Feeling grateful for the help received from WCWB Committee, Serbian Culinary Federation members used the opportunity to publicly express their thanks during “Belgrade Gastro Fest”, as well as give out an official recognition to Christos Gkotsis, Vice President for the Northern Greek Chefs Association and a WCWB Ambassador, whose Association as well gave a significant contribution to the global charity mission initiated by Worldchefs Without Borders.

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